The state regulations for marijuana (cannabis) delivery businesses provide that a license from any city will allow deliveries into any other city in California. The regulations say that the delivery can be made to any physical address. In other words, the delivery does not have to be made to a person’s home or a person’s business address. The delivery can be made to any physical address to any city in California with a license from any city and the state license.  For example, you can have an office or business address to which all the deliveries are made. That is your customers can pick up their delivery at a designated location at a scheduled time.

We have leased property which is properly zoned for these marijuana businesses. I am working with the architect at this time preparing the submittal to the City. If you need to obtain a state license for a delivery business you can contact my office. We may be able to lease you the space and help you with the city and state licenses.