You retained my services several years ago to stop the city, code enforcement, and the police department from closing down your marijuana business. We filed the lawsuit to keep you open, and we defended you against the criminal charges. 

We kept you open for more than a year.  

The California Supreme Court then ruled that cities can require licenses and permits and can prohibit marijuana businesses.  For this reason, you had to close the business.

Also, let me remind you. You put up walls and changed the electrical without taking out building permits. You blocked fire exits, and you got red-tagged. You lied to the landlord about opening a marijuana business. You violated the terms of the lease, and you got evicted.

You then wanted a refund of the money you paid us. We said no. We did all the work. We went to court many times we kept you open for more than a year (closer to two years).  

Because we would not refund for the work we did for you. You have put negative comments on the internet.  

We did nothing wrong. The California Supreme Court, after many appeals, let the city take control. It was not a good decision. The California voters (Prop. 215) intended that marijuana be “legal.”