James DeAguilera has been a land use and environmental attorney as well as a former City Manager and City Planning Director. As an attorney, Mr. DeAguilera is on inactive status with the State Bar of California. Several years ago, a complaint was filed with the State Bar by Carlos Jaramillo. As an attorney, Mr. DeAguilera had handled a lawsuit, Green Star Remedies, Inc. v. The city of Los Angeles. Green Star was the non-profit corporation which operated Mr. Jaramillo’s medical marijuana dispensary in the City of Los Angeles. Jaramillo sold the corporation and the medical marijuana business to Omar Gonzalez (Mr. DeAguilera did not handle the sale). A year later, because Omar Gonzalez had not paid Jaramillo for the marijuana business, Jaramillo wanted the money back that he had paid for the lawsuit. He filed a complaint with the State Bar. Jaramillo now says, “Mr. DeAguilera did nothing wrong.” The California Supreme Court has issued a stay (stopped) the disciplinary action. Jaramillo’s change in testimony is now being reviewed by the State Bar and will also be reviewed by the California Supreme Court.