We have finalized the acquisition of the property in the City of Stockton for the cannabis delivery licenses. Attached, you will see an email from the City Planner in Stockton confirming that this property is zoned for the marijuana delivery license. I plan to be in Stockton with our architect (Tom Steeno) the week after next. We will be moving quickly to file the city Cannabis License applications so that we can get the state Provisional License before the end of the year. As you know, Weed Maps will not allow advertising for unlicensed marijuana businesses after the end of this year. 

Also, as you know, a delivery license from any city in California will allow for deliveries to all other cities in California.

If you need a city and state delivery license, please contact my office as soon as possible. We can lease you the space in the building and assist you with the city and state licenses, but to do this by the end of the year, we will need to move quickly. 

You may call us and also send an email with your phone so that we are sure to get your message.