Marijuana is now all about city and state licenses.

As a former Planning Director of the City of Loma Linda. Also a former City Manager and attorney. We handled many of the marijuana cases in courtrooms in Northern and Southern California. Marijuana is now all about city and state licenses.   

I am using my background to obtain the city and state licenses for my clients. 

We are negotiating to acquire a property in the City of Stockton, which is properly zoned for marijuana delivery businesses. 

If you are operating a marijuana delivery business in Northern California and need to obtain the required city and state licenses, please contact my office. I anticipate that we will be obtaining about 3 to 6 delivery licenses in the City of Stockton. Remember, or understand, that a delivery license from any city allows you to delivery to all other cities and the unincorporated areas (the county areas). 

The state of California Provisional Licenses can now be obtained once the city licensing process is underway. This means that the state license can be issued very quickly. The city and state delivery licenses, which we are obtaining, provide complete immunity from arrests and confiscation of your marijuana. 

If you need a city and state delivery license in Northern California, please contact my office. We can help.