City Planner

Expert for Marijuana Regulation

Experience & Expertise

James DeAguilera is uniquely qualified. As a former City Manager and Planning Director, James provides professional advice for the cannabis industry. James ensures compliance with state and local marijuana laws and has the expertise to obtain the required city and state licenses.

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James DeAguilera is at the forefront of the implementation of the State
of California’s cannabis licensing law. James is a former City Planning
Director and former City Manager. He has the background and
experience with California’s Marijuana laws and with city’s zoning
issues which relate to obtaining the required licenses for cannabis
operations. James DeAguilera handled marijuana cases in the courts
and worked with the cities since shortly after the passage of the
Medical Marijuana Program Act in 2003. He handled landmarked
marijuana cases, which resulted in many cities and counties, allowing
marijuana businesses. The positions in local government which James
has held include City Planning Director and Assistant City Manager in
the City of Loma Linda. City Manager for the City of Adelanto. San
Bernardino County Environmental Review Board Officer, Inland Valley
Development Agency Planning Officer in charge of the Redevelopment
of Norton Air Force Base and Special Counsel/Consultant to the City of
Los Angeles Redevelopment Agency. James has been a speaker at the
California State Bar on zoning and environmental issues.